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Love Story - Richard Clayderman

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Intro: [C] [A] [Am] [Am]Where do I be[Am]gin, To tell the [Am]story Of how [E]greatful love can [E]be, The sweet [E]love story, That [Am]is older than the sea[G], [F] That [F]sings the [E]truth about the love she brings to me, [Bm]Where [E]do I [Am]start, [Am]With the first hel[Am]lo, She gave the [Am]meaning, To this emp[E]ty world of [E]mine, That never [E]did, Another [Am]love another [G]time [F], She [F]came into my life, And [E]made a believing fine [Bm]She fills[E] my heart[A], [G]She fills[A] my heart[Dm] With very [G]special things, With angel [C]songs With wild [F]imaginings, She fills my [Bm]soul [E] She fills my [Am]soul [Bm] [Am]With so much [Dm]love, That any[G]where I go I’m never [C]lonely With her [F]along who could [B]be lonely... [E] [Am]I reach for her [Am]hand, It’s always [Am]there How long [E]does It last, ..Can [E]love be measured [E]by the [Am]hours in a day [F].. I have no [F]answers no But [E]this much I can say [Bm] I know [E]I'll need [Am] her till this [E]love song burn [Am]away And [E]she’ll be [Am]there…

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