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Mean Ol' Moon

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[C]Mean ol’ [A7]moon [Dm]It must be [G]fun [C]To shine [C7]upon me [F]As I come [Fm]undone [Em]Til I’m [A7]all alone [Am7]Beneath the [D7]sun [F]You mean [G]ol’ moon[C] With your beam You led the way And found me love I thought was Hear to say Then you went and took My love away You mean ol’ moon [Bm7b5]Oh you mean ol’ [B7]stars above[Em] [Bm7b5]The games that you[B7] play with me[Em] [G]I could find [Em]some [A7]happiness[Dm] [Em]If all of my [A7]nights were [Dm]cloudy[G7] Mean ol’ moon I hope it’s true You’re taking all the light that’s left in you And saving it up for you know who You mean ol’ moon You mean ol’ moon

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