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Mighty To Save

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Verse 1 [D]Everyone needs compassion [A] Love that's never failing [F#m] Let mercy[E] fall on me [D]Everyone needs forgiveness [A] The kindness of a Savior[F#m] The [E]hope of nations Chorus 1 [A]Savior He can move the mountains[E] My God is mighty [D]to save[A] He is [F#m]mighty to [E]save Forever[A] Author of salvation[E] He rose and [D]conquered the [A]grave Jesus [F#m]conquered the [E]grave Verse 2 [D]So take me as You find [A]me All my fears and [F#m]failures [E]Fill my life again [D]I give my [A]life to follow Everything I believe [F#m]in Now I [E]surrender (Repeat Chorus) Bridge?????????? [D]Shine your light And [A]let the whole world [E]see We're singing for [D]the glory [A]Of the risen [E]King Jesus

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