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CAPO on 3rd fret Verse 1: [Em]I am thinking [Am]of you [B7]In my sleepless [Em]solitude tonight [Em]If it's wrong to [Am]love you [B7]Then my heart won't [Em]let me right Cause I'm drowning in [C]you And I won't pull [B7]through Without you by my [Em]side Chorus: I'd give my [Am]all to [B7]have Just [Em]one more [D]night with [Em]you I'd risk my [Am]life to [B7]have Your [Em]body [D]next to [Em]mine Cause I can't [Am]go [B7]on Living in the [Em]memory of [D]your [Em]song I'd give my [Am]all for your [B7]love [Em]tonight Verse 2: Baby can you feel me Imagining I'm looking in your eyes I can see you clearly Vividly emblazoned in my mind And yet you're so far Like a distant star I'm wishing on tonight Outro: I'd give my [Am]all for [B7]your love [Em][Am][B7][Em]tonight.

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