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My Grandfather"s Clock

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My [C]Grandfather's [G]clock was too [Am]large for the [F]shelf, So it [C]stood ninety [G]years on the [C]floor. It was [C]taller by [G]half than the [Am]old man [F]himself, Though it [C]weighed not a [G]pennyweight [C]more. It was [C]bought on the [Am]morn of the [Dm]day he was [G]born, And twas [C]always his [Am]treasure and [Dm]pride[G], But it [C]stopped [G]short, [Am]never to go [F]again, when the [C]old [G]man [C]died. Ninety [C]years without slumbering, tick, tock, tick, tock, It's [C]life seconds numbering, tick tock, tick, tock, But it [C]stopped [G]short, [Am]never to go [F]again, when the [C]old [G]man [C]died. In [C]watching its [G]pendulum [Am]swing to and [F]fro, Many [C]hours had he [G]spent as a [C]boy. And in [C]childhood and [G]manhood the [Am]clock seemed to [F]know, And it [C]shared both his [G]sorrow and [C]joy. For it [C]struck twenty-[Am]four when he [Dm]entered the [G]door, With a [C]blooming and [Am]beautiful [Dm]bride[G], But it [C]stopped [G]short, [Am]never to go [F]again, when the [C]old [G]man [C]died. ..... ..u.u.u.u..

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