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No Matter What

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Boyzone - No Matter What INTRO:- ////|////|////|////|////|////|////|////..... A A7 D D D D Bm A [A]N o matter what they tell us No matter what they [Bm]do No matter what they teach [E]us What we believe is [A]true No matter what they call us However they attack No matter where they take us We'll find our own way back I [A]can't deny what I [A7]believe I [D]can't be what I'm not [Bm]I know I'll [E]love forever I know, no [A]mat ter what If only tears were laughter If only night was day If only prayers were answered Then we would hear God say No matter what they tell you No matter what they do No matter what the teach us What we believe is true And I will keep you safe and strong And shelter from the storm No matter where it's barren A dream is being born Key changes to C major for INSTRUMENTAL and rest of song(see below for chords) [C]N o matter who they follow No matter where they [Dm]lead No matter how they [G]judge us I'll be everyone [C]you need [C]N o matter if the sun [C7]don't shine [F]O r if the skies are blue [Dm]No matter what [G]the end is My life [C]began with you I can't deny what I believe I can't be what I'm not ( I know, I know ) [Dm]I know this [G]love's forever [G]T hat's all that matters now No [G7]Matter [C]What (Ad Lib to end )....

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