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This happened once before When I came to your door No reply They said it wasn' t [F6]you But I saw you [G6]peep through your [C]windo w I saw the [A]lig ht I [Em]sa w the [Fmaj7]light-- [B5] [Em]--- ---. I know that you saw [Dm]me As I [G6]looke d up to see [C]your face *I tried to [F6]teleph one They said [G6]you were not home [C]Th at' s a lie 'Cos I know where you' [F6]ve been I saw you [G6]walk in your [C]do or I nearly [Am]d [Em]ied I [Fmaj7]ne [B5]arly [Em]d ied---. 'Cos you walked [F6]hand in hand With [G6]anoth er man in my [C]pla ce / If I were [C]yo u I' d [E]r ealise [A]tha t I [Dm]Lov e you [D]more th an any [C]other guy An' I' ll forgive the lies that I Heard before when you gave me no reply * No [Am]re [Em]ply [Fmaj7]No [B5]rep [C9]ly--.

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