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November Rain

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CAPO ON 2ND FRET [C]When I look into your [Am]eyes I can see a love [G]restrained [C]But darling when I [Am]hold you Don't you know I feel [G]the same [Am]Cause nothin' last [D]forever And we both know hearts [G]can change [Am]And it's hard to hold a [D]candle In the cold november [G]rain [C]We've been through [Am]this such a long, long time Just tryin' to kill [G]the pain, oh yeah [C]But lovers always come and lovers always go [Am]And no one's really sure who's lettin' go [G]today Walkin' away [C]If we could take the time to lay it on the line [Am]I could rest my head Just knowin' that [G]you were mine All mine [Am]So if you want to love [D]me Then darlin' don't [G]refrain [Am]Or I'll just end up [D]walkin' In the cold november [G]rain [C]Do you need sometime [D]on your own? [C]Do you need sometime [D]all alone? [C]Everybody needs [D]sometime on their own [C]Don't you know you [D]need sometime all alone [Bm]I [C]know it's hard to keep [G]and open heart [Bm][C]When even friends seem [Am]out to harm you [Bm]But [C]if you could heal a [G]broken heart [Bm][C]Wouldn't time be out to [D]charm you [C]Sometimes I need [D]sometime on my own [C]Sometimes I need [D]sometime all alone [C]Everybody needs [D]sometime on their own [C]Don't you know you [D]need sometime all alone [C]And when your fears [Am]subside And shadows still [G]remains, oh yeah [C]I know that you can [Am]love me When there's no one [G]left to blame [Am]So never mind the [D]darkness We still can find a [G]way [Am]Cause nothin' lasts [D]forever Even cold november [G]rain

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