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Nowhere Man

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Ma [F]king all his [Fm]Nowh ere [F]pla ns [C]fo [Bb]r [F]No bod y D [C]oesn't have a Point [G]of view, Knows not [F]w here he's going [C]to. isn't he a [F]bit like [Fm]you an [F]d [C]me ? Nowhere m [Em]an Please listen [F]yo u dont know [E]w hat you're mi [F]ssing, Nowhere man [E]the world [F]i s at your comm [G7]and.He's as [C]blind as he [G] can be just s [F]ee's what he wants to [C]see Now [F]here man can [Fm]you [F]see [C]me [Bb]a t [F]all ? Does [C]n't have a Point of [G]v iew, Knows not [F]wh ere he's goi [C]ng to. isn't [F]h e a bit [Fm]like you [F]a nd [C]me ? Nowhere [Em]man don't wor [F]ry, take [Em]your time dont [F]hurry Leave it all till [Em]somebody else [F]lends you a ha [G7]nd. H [C]e's A real nowhere [G]man Sitting [F]in his nowhere [C]la nd Makin [F]g all his [Fm]Nowher e plans for [F]No [C]bod y Maki [F]ng all his [Fm]Nowhe re plans [F]fo r [C]Nobod y

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