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O God You Search Me

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O [D]God you [G]search me and you [A]know [D]me, All my [D]thoughts lie [G]open to your [A]gaze. When I [Bm]walk or [G]lie down you are [D]before [G]me: Ever the [Em]maker and [G]keeper [A]of my [D]days. You [D]know my [G]resting and my [A][D]rising. You [D]discern my [G]purpose from [A]afar, And with [Bm]love [G]everlasting you [D]besiege [G]me: In every [Em]moment of [G]life and [A]death, you [D]are. [D]Before a [G]word is on my [A]tongue, [D]Lord, You [D]have known [G]it's meaning all the [A]way through, You are [Bm]with me [G]beyond my [D][G]understanding: God of my [Em]present, [G]past and [A]future, [D]too. [D]Although your [G]spirit is [A]upon [D]me, Still I [D]search for [G]shelter from your [A]sight. There is [Bm]nowhere on [G]earth I can [D]escape [G]you: Even the [Em]darkness is [G]radiant [A]in your [D]light. For [D]you [G]created me and [A]shaped [D]me, Gave me [D]life [G]within my mother's [A]womb. For the [Bm]wonder of [G]who I am I [D]praise [G]you: Safe in your [Em]hands, all [G]creation [A]is made [D]new.

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