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On Rainy Days - Tiên Cookie (Eng. Version)

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Intro [Em]-[D]-[C]-[G]-[Am7]-[Em]-[Gsus4] [Em]-[D]-[C]-[G]-[Am7]-[B7]-[Em] Girl [Em] I know [D] that it’s been so long [C] And I admit [G] that I was wrong [Am7] The one at [Em] fault was me [G] But [Em] I can’t seem [D] to run away [C] Thinking ’bout [G] it every day [Am7] I can’t forget [B7] these memories [Em] Though I shouldn’t [C] be surprised There’s teardrops forming [D] in my eyes Why did I sit [C] there and watch [D] you walk away [G] I thought that time [C] would help me heal All this pain [D] I have to feel But I’ll always [C] remember [Am7] the days [B7] (Chorus) When the rain [Em] starts falling [D] You are here [C] with me [G] Through the night [Am7] you are all [D] I see [G] But as I [Em] come closer [D] You [C] would disappear [G] So I know [Am7] that you were never [B7] really here [Em] ( Hợp âm tương tự ) Although I have tried so hard You had to leave me in the dark Now we are Strangers a thousand miles apart I thought these rainy nights would flush All these memories of us But I’ll always remember because (Chorus) When the rain starts falling You are by my side And I’m left with no place to hide All the pain I suffered Never goes away I’m reminded of you on the rainy days (Brige) I just don’t know [C] How we just fell apart [D] so suddenly Now there’s nowhere [Bm7] in your heart for me [Em] I know that it’s my [C] fault I was So blinded [D] from this pride Now I’m left [C] here alone [Am7] in the night [B7]

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