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On Rainy Days - Tiên Cookie (Eng. Version)

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capo 1 
[Am]- [G]- [F]- [C]- [Dm7]- [G]- [Csus4] 
[Am]- [G]- [F]- [C]- [Dm7]- [E7]- [Am] 
[Am]Girl I [G]know that it’s been so [F]long 
And I [C]admit that I was [Dm7]wrong 
The one [G]at fault was [C]me 
[Am]But I can’t [G]seem to run [F]away 
Thinking [C]about it every [Dm7]day 
I can’t [E7]forget these [Am]memories 
Though I [F]shouldn’t be surprised 
There’s teardrops [G]forming in my eyes 
Why did I [F]sit there and [G]watch you walk [C]away 
I thought that [F]time would help me heal 
All this [G]pain I have to feel 
But I’ll [F]always [Dm7]remember the [E7]days 
When the [Am]rain starts [G]falling 
You are [F]here with [C]me 
Through the [Dm7]night you are [G]all I [C]see 
But as [Am]I come [G]closer 
[F]You would [C]disappear 
So I [Dm7]know that you were [E7]never really [Am]here 
Although [F]I have tried so hard 
You had to [G]leave me in the dark 
Now we are 
[F]Strangers a [G]thousand miles [C]apart 
I thought these [F]rainy nights would flush 
All these [G]memories of us 
But I’ll [F]always [Dm7]remember [E7]because 
When the [Am]rain starts [G]falling 
[F]You are by my [C]side 
And I’m [Dm7]left with no [G]place to [C]hide 
All the [Am]pain I [G]suffered 
[F]Never goes [C]away 
I’m remin [Dm7]ded of you [E7]on the rainy [Am]days 
I just don’t [F]know 
How we just fell [G]apart so suddenly 
Now there’s [Em7]nowhere in your heart for [Am]me 
I know that it’s [F]my fault I was 
So [G]blinded from this pride 
Now I’m [F]left here [Dm7]alone in the [E7]night