On rainy days

[Em] - [D]- [C] - [G] - [Am7] - [Em] - [Gsus4]
[Em] - [D] - [C] - [G] - [Am7] - [B7] - [Em]
[Em] Girl I [D] know that it’s been so [C] long
And I [G] admit that I was [Am7] wrong
The one [Em] at fault was [G] me
[Em] But I can’t [D] seem to run [C] away
Thinking [G]about it every [Am7] day
I can’t [B7] forget these [Em] memories
Though I [C] shouldn’t be surprised
There’s teardrops [D] forming in my eyes
Why did I [C] sit there and [D] watch you walk [G] away
I thought that [C] time would help me heal
All this [D] pain I have to feel
But I’ll [C] always [Am7] remember the [B7] days
When the [Em] rain starts [D] falling
You are [D] here with [G] me
Through the [Am7] night you are [D] all I [G] see
But as [Em] I come [D] closer
[C] You would [G] disappear
So I [Am7] know that you were [B7] never really [Em] here
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