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One And Only

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6/8 Intro: [F], [Fsus4], [F], [C], [Cadd9], [C] Verse 1: You've been on [F]my [Fsus4]mind,[F] I grow [C]fonder every [Dm7]day,[C] Lose myself [Gm]in time Just [Dm]thinking of your face, [C]God only [F]knows [Fsus4], [F] Why it's [C]taken [Dm7]me so [C]long To let my doubts [Gm]go, You're the [Dm]only one that I [C]want, Refrain: I don't know [Bb]why I'm scared, I've been here [C]before, Every [Dm]feeling, every word, I've imagined it all, [Eb]You'll never know if you never try, [Bb]To forget your past and simply be [F]mine, [C] Chorus: I dare you to the[F]let me [Fsus4]be [F]your, your one and [Dm]only, [Dm7], [Dm] Promise I'm [Am]worthy, To hold in your [Bb]arms, [Am], [Gm], [C] So come on and give [F]me the [Fsus4]chance, [F] To prove I am the [Dm]one who [Dm7]can [Dm] walk that [Am]mile, Until the [Bb]end [Am]starts, [Gm] [C] Verse 2: If I've been on your mind, You hang on every word I say, Lose yourself in time, At the mention of my name, Will I ever know how it feels to hold you close, And have you tell me whichever road I choose, you'll go?

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