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Over And Over

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[Dm]I never dare to reach for the [A7]moon [A7]I never thought I'd know heaven so [Dm]soon I couldn't [Bb]hold to say how I [F]feel The joy in my [A7]heart no words can [Dm]reveal [Dm]Over and over I whisper your [A7]name [A7]Over and over I kiss you [Dm]again I see the [Bb]light of love in your [F]eyes Love is [A7]forever, no more [Dm]goodbye [Dm]Now just a memory the tears that I [A7]cried [A7]Now just a memory the sighs that I [Dm]sighed Dreams that [Bb]I cherished all have come [F]true All my [A7]tomorrows I give [Dm]to you [Dm]Life's summer leaves may turn into [A7]gold [A7]The love that we share will never grow [Dm]old Here in your [Bb]arms no words far [F]away Her in you’re [A7]arms forever I'll [Dm]stay

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