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Phineas And Ferb

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CAPO 1 There's [C]104 days of [Bm]summer vacation And [A]school comes along just to [G]end it So the [C]annual problem for [Bm]our generation Is [A]finding a good way to [D]spend it Like maybe... [G]Building a rocket Or fighting a mummy Or [A]climbing up the Eiffel Tower [D]Discovering something that doesn't exist (Hey!) Or [G]giving a monkey a [G][F#][F][E]shower [E]Surfing tidal waves Creating nanobots Or [A]locating Frankenstein's brain (It's over here!) [F#]Finding a dodo bird Painting a continent Or [D]driving our sister insane (Phineas!) [G]As you can see There's a whole lot of stuff to do [A]Before school starts this fall (Come on Perry!) [G]So stick with us 'cause [F]Phineas and [E]Ferb Are [A]gonna [D]do it [E]all! [G]So stick with us 'cause [F]Phineas and [E]Ferb Are [A]gonna [D]do it [G]all! (Mom! Phineas and Ferb are making a title sequence!) (G to end)

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