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Picture Of You

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Intro: C G F G x2 Verse 1: [C]D idn't they say that I would make a [G]mi stake [F]D idn't they say you were gonna [G]be trouble People told me you were too much to take I could see it, I didn't wanna know I let you in and you let me down You messed me up and turned my life around left me feeling I had nowhere to go I was alone, how was I to know that [Am]Y ou'll be there, when I [G]needed s omebody [Am]Y ou'll be there, the only one [G]to help me Chorus: I [C]had a picture [G]of you in my [Bb]m ind Never [F]kn ew it could [C]be so wrong Why'd [C]i t take me so [Bb]long just to find [F]T he friend [C]that was there all [G]al [F]ong-- [G]--- - Verse 2: same chords as before Who'd believe that after all we've been through I'd be able to put my trust in you Goes to show you can forgive and forget Looking back, I have no regrets cause You'll be there, when I needed somebody You'll be there, the only one to help me

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