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Promise Me

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[Bm]You light up [A]another cigarette And I [F#m]pour the wine[G] [Bm]It's four o'clock in the [A]morning And it's [F#m]starting to get [G]light [Bm]Now I'm right where I [A]want to be [F#m]Losing track of [G]time But I [Em]wish that it was [F#]still last [Bm]night. [Bm] [G] [F#] You look like you're in another world But I can read your mind How can you be so far away Lying by my side [F#](/A#)When I [F#]go [Bm]away i'll miss you [B7](/D#)And I [B7]will be [Em]thinking of you [C]Every [D]night and day just. Chorus [F]Promise me you'll [Bm7]wait for me 'Cos [Am7]i'll be saving [D7]all my love for [G]you Promise Me lyrics on ChiaSeNhac.com And [D](/F#)I will be home [Em]soon [D](/F#) [G]Promise me you'll [Bm7]wait for me I [Am7]need to know you [B7]feel the [B7](/D#)same way [Em]too [C#m7b5] [C]And i'll be home, [D7]i'll be home [G]soon. Bridge When I go away i'll miss you And I will be thinking of you Every night and day just.

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