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Queen Of My Heart

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[E]S o here we [A]s tand [A]I n our secret place With a sound [D]of the crowd So far [E]away [E]A nd you take [A]my hand [A]A nd it feels like home [A]W e both [D]unders tand [D]I t's where [E]we belong Bridge: [E]S o how do [D]I say? [D]D o I say [E]good bye? [E]W e both have [D]our dreams [D]W e both [E]wanna fly [E]S o let's take [A]to night [A]T o carry us [E]th rough [E]T he [A]lonely times Chorus: [E]I' ll always look [D]b ack [D]A s I walk [G]a way [G]T his memory [D]Wil l last for [A]eter nity [A]A nd all of [D]our tears [D]W ill be lost in [G]the rain [G]When I've found my way [D]back [D]T o your [G]a rms [D]agai n [D]B ut [G]until that [D]da y [D]Y ou know you [G]a re [G]T he queen of my [D]he art [G](Q ueen [D]of [A]my he art) [E]S o let's take [A]t onight [A]A nd never let go [A]W hile dancing [D]we'll kiss Like there's [E]n o tomorrow [E]A s the stars sparkle [A]d own [A]L ike a diamond ring [A]I 'll treasure this [D]m oment [D]T ill we meet [E]a gain Bridge 2: [E]B ut no matter [D]how far [D]A way you [E]may be [E]I' ll just close my [D]e yes [A]A nd you're in my [E]dr eams [E]A nd there you [A]wil l be [D]U ntil we [A]me et {Repeat chorus twice} [E]I' ll always [D]look back [D]A s I walk [G]aw ay [G]T his memory Will [D]last for [A]eter nity [A]A nd all of [D]our tears [D]Will be lost in the [G]rain [G]When I've found my way [D]back [D]To your [G]ar ms [D]agai n [D]Bu t until [G]t [D]hat d ay [D]You know you [G]a re [G]The queen of my [D]h eart [D]O h [G]ye ah You're [G]the [G]Que en of my [D]h eart

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