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Quit Playing Games

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Even [A]in my [D]heart [G]I feel [D]you're not being true to me deep [A]wi [D]thin my [G]s oul I see [D], nothing's like it used to be Sometime's [A]I wish [D]I could turn back time [G]Im [D]possible as it may seem but I wish [A]I could so [D]bad [G], baby CHORUS: Quit [A]playing with my heart ( quit palying games with my heart...) with [D]my heart ( before you tear as apart ) with my [G]heart ( quit playing games with my heart...) with my [A]heart Is should have [A]knowm from the start.... ( you just continue this one till the bridge ) [Bm]Baby, [G]baby, [D]the [Bm]love that we had was so strong can't [G]keep on [D]hang ing on forever oh [Bm]baby [G]baby [D], this is not right let's [G]stop [D]this tonight

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