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If the [G]Ra in comes [C]th ey run [D]an d hide their [G]hea ds They [C]mig ht as [D]we ll be [G]de ad If the Rain [C]c omes If the [G]Rai n comes When the sun shines [C]th ey slip [D]into the [G]sha de And [C]si p their [D]l [G]emonad e When the [C]s un shines When the [G]s un shines [C9]Raaaaaa aain I don't [G]m ind [C9]Shiiiiii iine The [G]weath er's fine I can show you that when it starts to rain Everything's the same I can show you Raaaaaaaain I don't mind Shiiiiiiiiiine The weather's fine Can you hear me that when it rains and shines? It's just a state of mind Can you hear me? Raaaaaaaain I don't mind Shiiiiiiine The weather's fine

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