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Romeo And Juliet

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intro: [F] [Dm] x4 Verse I: [F] A lovestruck [C]Romeo [Dm]sings the streets a [C][F]serenade [F] Laying everybody [C][Dm]low with a love [C]song that he [Bb]made Finds a [C]street light steps out [Bb]into [C]the [F]shade Says [Bb]something like you and me babe, [C]how about it? [F] Juliet says hey it's Romeo, [C][Dm]you nearly gave me a heart [C][F]attack [F] He's underneath the [C]window, [Dm]she's singing hey la my [C][Bb]boyfriends back [C] you shouldn't come around [Bb]here [C]singing up to people like [F]that [Bb] Anyway, what you gonna do [C]about it? Chorus I: [F] Juliet [C]the dice was [Dm][C]loaded from the [Bb]start [F] And I [C]bet, and you [Dm][C]exploded in my [Bb]heart. [F] And I [C]forget, I [Dm]forget, the movie [Bb]song [Gm]When you gonna realize it was just [F]that the [Bb]time was [C]wrong [Dm][C][F]Juliet?

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