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Smoke gets in your eyes

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1. [C] They ask me how I [Dm7] knew [G7] My true love was [C] true? [F] Oh [Dm] I of course re-[C] plied, [Am7] "Something here in-[Dm7] side [G7] Cannot be de-[C] nied" [Bbdim][Dm7][G7] 2. [C] They said someday you'll [Dm7] find [G7] all who love are [C] blind [F] Oh [Dm] when your heart's on [C] fire [Am7] You must rea-[Dm7] lize [G7] smoke gets in your [C] eyes [F][C][Eb7] Chorus: [Ab] So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed To think they could [Eb7] doubt my love Yet to-[Ab] day, my love has [G7] flown away I am wit-[C] hout, without my [G7] love. 3. [C] Now laughing friends de-[Dm7] ride [G7] Tears I cannot [C] hide [F] Oh, [Dm] so I smile and [C] say, [Am7] "When a lovely flame [Dm7] dies [G7] Smoke gets in your [C] eyes"

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