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Intro: [Cm][Fm][Bb][Eb][Ab][G][Cm] --- If only you could [Cm] see the [Bb] tears in the world [Eb] you left [Cm] behind If only you could heal my [Bb] heart just one [Cm] more time Even when I close my [Bb] eyes there's an [Eb] image of your [Cm] face And once again I come to [Bb] realise you're a [Eb] loss I can't [Gm] replace [Cm] Soledad. It's a keeping for the [Bb] lonely Since the day that you were [Cm] gone Why did you leave [G] me Soledad [Cm] In my heart you were the [Bb] only And your memory live [Cm] on Why did you leave [G] me. Soledad [Cm] Walking down the [Cm] streets of Nothing [Bb] ville where our [Eb] love was young and [Cm] free Can't believe just [Cm] what an empty [Bb] place it has [Cm] come to be I would give my [Cm] life [Bb] away if it could [Eb] only be the [Cm] same Cause I can't still the [Cm] voice inside of [Bb] me that is [Eb] calling out your [Gm] name Time will [Gm] never change the [Eb] things you told [Cm] me After [Bb] all we're meant [Eb] to be Love will [Eb] bring us back to you and [Cm] me If only you could [Gm] see


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