Something entirely new

tone [Am] 
Where did we [Dm]go? 
What did we [G7]do? 
I think we made [Cmaj7]something 
Entirely [Am]new 
And it wasn't quite [Dm]me 
And it wasn't quite [G7]you 
I think it was [Cmaj7]someone 
Entirely [Am]new 
[Cmaj7]Well I just can't stop [Am]thinking 
[Cmaj7]Did you say I was [Am]different? 
[Bb]And you hadn't [B7b5]before 
Of course not 
[Cmaj7]When would I have [Am]ever? 
[Bb]I'm so sorry 
[B7b5]No, no, don't be 
And now [Cmaj7]you're here [B]forever! 
What about [Em]you? 
What about [Eb]me? 
Well you're here [Bb]too 
We're here [D]together. 
[Cm]Hmm hmm [D]hmm hmm [Gm]hmm... 
Hmmm [Cm]hmm hmm hmm [D][Gm]hmm... 
Hmm [C]hmm hmm hmm [Eb]hmm... 
Hmm hmm [D]hmm hmm [Gm][Gm]hmm... 
[Eb]Hmm Hmm [D]hmmm hmm [G]hmmm...
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