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Somewhere in time

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[A] Somewhere in [F#m] time We met on [D] timeless hills [Bm] And in the [E] evening mist we [E7] kissed And time stood [A] still Before the [D] dawn, [Bm] we found for-[F#m] ever Moments are [C#7] timeless when I [Ab7] feel your [E7] caress [A] Love never [F#m] goes Once it has [D] touched your heart [Bm] Just like the [E] strength of wine that's [E7] left As two lips [A] part A taste of [D] love [Bm] will linger [F#m] after And I [C#7] know the meaning [Ab7] of all that I [E7] see You'll always [F#m] be inside of [D] me And I [C#7] know when love is [Ab7] true It's always with [E7] you [A] Somewhere in [F#m] time [D] I came to realize [E7] Love never [A] goes [G][A]

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