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Sorry For The Stupid Things

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Capo 1 [F]...Sometimes we wish for the [C]better When [Dm]we have it good as it [Am]gets [Bb]Sometimes the grass isn't gree[F]ner As soon [Gm]as we find out, we [C]forget [Am]Sometimes a fool doesn't [Dm]know he's a fool [Am]Sometimes a dog, he don't [Dm]know he's a dog [Bb]Sometimes I do stu[F]pid things to you When I [Bb]really don't mean it [C]at all chorus Sometimes a [F]man is gon' be a [C]man Its not an ex[Dm]cuse, its just how it[Am] is Sometimes a [Bb]wrong, don't know that they [F]wrong Sometimes the [Gm]strong, ain't always so [C]strong Sometimes a [F]girl is gon' be a [C]girl She don't want [Dm]to deal with all the drama in your [Am]world God knows I don't [Bb]mean to give it to [F]you So girl, I'm [Gm]sorry for the stupid [C]things I wish I didn't do but I [F]do (Đoạn cuối lên nửa tone)

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