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Start All Over

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(Intro: G G G G) [Verse 1] I [G]have to wonder if this wa [G]ves to big to ride C [G]ommit or not commit is [G]s uch a crazy type. [Pre-chorus] Y [F]et sooner than I [C]though t that you'd call me [A7]o ut. I [Bb]lost control [C]and there's no [Eb]doub t, I'm gonna [Eb]start all over. [Chorus] O [G]ut of the fire and into the fire [C]ag ain. Yo [G]u make me [D]wa nt to forget [Eb]a nd, St [Bb]art all [C]over. Here I [G]com e, Straight out of my [C]mind, or worse, Ano [G]ther chance to [D]get [Eb]burne d, And start [Bb]all [C]ov er. [Eb]I'm gonna [Bb]sta rt [C]all o ver. [Verse 2] F [G]antastic and romantic; [G]A ll a big surprise. Y [G]ou've got the warning [G]hesi tation pushed aside. [Pre-chorus 2] Ye [F]t sooner than I [C]want, But you caught my [A7]h eart. I [Bb]guess I'm [C]r ady now to [Eb]start. I'm gonna start [Eb]al l over. [Bridge] It' [G]s so easy, [G]Yo u disrupt me. [G]Can't complain. It [G]'s so easy, You [G]disru pt me. Can't [G]compla in. It [G]'s so easy, You [G]dis rupt me. Can't [G]com plain. It's so [G]easy. I [Eb]'m gonna [Eb]sta rt all over! Star [Bb]t all [C]o ver!

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