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Stay with me

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Intro: [Am7][F][C] x 3 Verse 1: [Am7] Guess it's true, I'm not [F] good at a one-[C] night stand [Am7] But I still need [F] love cause I'm just a [C] man [Am7] These nights never [F] seem to go to [C] plan [Am7] I don't want you to [F] leave, will you hold my [C] hand? Chorus: Oh, won't you [Am] stay [F] with [C] me? Cause you're [Am] all [F] I [C] need [G] This ain't [Am] love it's [F] clear to [C] see But [G#dim] darling, [Am] stay [F] with [C] me Verse 2: [Am7] Why am [F] I so emotio-[C] nal? [Am7] No it's not a good [F] look, gain some self con-[C] trol [Am7] And deep down I [F] know this never [C] works [Am7] But you can lay with me [F] so it doesn't [C] hurt Repeat chorus x 3 ---

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