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The Letter - Timo Tolkki

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Intro [C]- [G]- [Am]- [Em] [F]- [C]- [F]- [G] [Am]- [Em]- [F]- [C] [F]- [G]- [C] . You don't [C]remember [G]me, [Am]I remember [Em]you I [F]know you're scared like [Dm7]once I [G]was Sitting [C]here by the [G]shore, [Am]like I did [Em]before And [F]thinking 'bout the [G]winding [C]road . But that [Am]road is so [Em]long [F]You must be [C]strong [F]Learn from each [C]day [F]Never giving [G]up . Though the [Am]ocean is [Em]deep [F]You must carry [C]on [F]Towards the reason [G]why you're [C]here . Keep the love in your heart We'll never be apart We'll meet again onde day you'll see . We all have a destiny chosen by ourselves But later you will understand . You were born with a gift A secret to hold Your heart is gold you got to carry on . Soon your pain turns to peace There's no more fear And my child we'll meet again

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