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The Rose

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E                        B

Some say love, it is a river, 

      A    B            E  

That drowns the tender reed

E                        B          

Some say love, it is a razor, 

      A    B               E  

That leaves your soul to bleed

          G#m           A

Some say love it is a hunger, 


An endless aching need

E                    B

I say love it is a flower and 

A  B          E

You its only seed

E                             B

It's the heart afraid of breaking 

      A   B            E  

That never learns to dance

E                          B          

It's the dream afraid of waking 

     A    B         E  

That never takes a chance

         G#m                A

It's the one, who won't be taken 


Who cannot seem to give

        E                B

And the soul afraid of dying 

       A  B           E

That never learns to live

E                             B

When the night has been too lonely 

         A  B               E  

And the road has been too long

E                          B          

And you find that love is only 

          A  B          E  

For the lucky and the strong

      G#m             A

Just remember in the winter 


Far beneath the bitter snow

          E                  B

Lies the seed that with the sun's love, 

         A   B             E

In the spring becomes the rose

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