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The Wedding

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[C]You by my [F]side that's how I [C]see us [Am]I close my [Dm]eyes and I can [C]see us [G]We're on our way to say "I [C]do" [Am]My secret dreams have all come [Em]true [G] [C]I see the [F]church, I see the [C]people, [Am]Your folks and [Dm]mine happy and [C]smiling [G]And I can hear sweet voice [C]singing [C]"[A]ve Ma- [G6]ri- [C]a Oh my This can [C]really be that [G]someday you'll walk down the [C]aisle with me Let it [Am]be, let it be that I'm the [Em]one for you I'd be [Am]yours, all yours, Now and [Em]forever [G] [C]I see us [F]now, your hand in [C]my hand. [Am]This is the [Dm]hour, this is the [C]moment, [G]and I can hear sweet voices [C]singing" [C][A]ve Ma- [G6] [C]ri- a"" [C][A]ve Ma- [G6]ri- [C]a".

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