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This Boy

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A6 A6 A6 D Bm G A D Bm G A [D]T hat [Bm]b oy [G] t [A7]ook [D]m y [Bm]lov e aw ay. [G]T hough [A7]he' ll [D]regr et it [Bm]some day, [G]Th is boy [A6]wa nts [D]you [Bm]b [G]ac [A]k aga i n. That boy isn't good for you. Though he may want you, too, This boy wants you back again. [D7]O h, and this [G]bo y would [F#m]be ha ppy [Bm]Jus t to love you, but oh [D]my -y-y-y [G]Th at boy won't be [F#m]hap py=20 [A7]'Ti l he's seen [A6]you cry-y-y-oh This boy wouldn't mind the pain, Would always feel the same, 'Til this boy gets you back again. [D]T his boy =20 [D]T his boy [D]T his boy...

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