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And [G]I wanna believe you [Cadd9]When you tell me that it'll [G]be ok Ya I try to believe [Cadd9]you But I [G]don't When you say that it's gonna [Cadd9]be It always turns out to be a [G]different I try to believe [Cadd9]you Not today [G]today, today, today, Today [Cadd9]..... I [Em]don't know how [Bm]I'll feel [C]Tomorrow, [Bm]tomorrow [Em]I don't know what to [Bm]say [C]Tomorrow, [Bm]tomorrow Is [G]a different day [Cadd9](Tomorrow) It's always been up to you It's turning around it's up to me I'm gonna do what I have to do Just don't... Give me a little time Leave me alone a little while Maybe it's not too late Not today, today, today, today, today... I don't know how I'll feel Tomorrow, tomorrow I don't know what to say Tomorrow, tomorrow Is a different day Hey yeah yeah Hey yeah yeah I know I'm not ready Hey yeah yeah Hey yeah yeah Maybe tomorrow And I wanna believe you When you tell me that it’ll be ok Yeah, I try to believe you Not today, today, today, today, today..... Tomorrow it may change………

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