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Violet Hill

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Verse 1 Was a [Bm]long and dark December From the rooftops I remember There was [G]snow, white [Em]snow Cl[Bm]early I remember from the windows They were watching while we [G]froze Down bel[Em]ow Chorus When the f[G]uture's architectured By a [A]carnival of idiots on [Bm]show You'd better lie [A]low If you [G]love [F#m]me, [D]won’t you [Bm]let [A]me [Bm]know? Verse 2 Was a [Bm]long and dark December When the banks became cathedrals And a [G]fox became [Em]God P[Bm]riests clutched onto bibles Hollowed out to fit their rifles And the c[G]ross was held [Em]aloft Chorus [G]Bury me an armour When I’m [A]dead and hit the ground My nerves are [Bm]poles that unf[A]roze If you [G]love [F#m]me, [D]won’t you [Bm]let [A]me [Bm]know? Guitar solo [Bm] [Bm] [G] [Em] x2 Chorus I don’t [G]want to be a soldier Who the[A] captain of some sinking ship Would[Bm] stow Far [A]below So, if you [G]love [F#m]me, [D]why’d you [Bm]let [A]me [Bm]go? Outro [G]I took my [D]love [G]down to [D]Vio[Bm]let [A]Hill [G] [A]There we [Bm]sat [F#m]in the [G]snow [G]All [A]that [Bm]time [Em]she was [D]sil[Bm]ent [A]still Said[F#m] if you [G]love [F#m]me, [D]won’t you [Bm]let [A]me [G]know? [F#m]If you lov[G]e me[F#m], wo[D]n’t you le[Bm]t me[A] kn[Bm]ow?

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