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Viva forever

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1. [Dm] Do you still remember [Am] how we used to be [Bb] Feeling together believe in whatever [F] my love has said to me [Dm] Both of us were dreamers, [Am] young love in the sun [Bb] Felt like my savior, my spirit I gave you, [F] we'd only just begun Chorus: [Dm] Hasta Ma- [Am] ñana, [Bb] Always be [F] mine Viva for- [Dm] ever, I'll be [Am] waiting, ever [Bb]-lasting like the [F] sun Live for- [Dm] ever, For the [Am] moment, ever [Bb] searching for the [F] one 2. [Dm] Yes I still remember [Am] every whispered word [Bb] The touch of your skin, giving life from within Like a [F] love song never heard [Dm] Slipping through our fingers [Am] like the sands of time [Bb] Promises made every memory saved as [F] reflections in my mind [Dm] Back were I belong now, [Am] was it just a dream [Bb] Feelings unfold, they will never be sold and the [F] secrets safe with me

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