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Waiting for love

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Intro: [Em] [Bm] [C] [D] [Em] Verse 1: Where there's a [Em] will, there's a [Bm] way, kinda [C] beautiful And every night has its [D] day, so [Em] magical And if there's love in this [Bm] life, there's no [C] obstacle That can't [D] be de-[Em] feated Verse 2: For every [Em] tyrant a [Bm] tear, for the [C] vulnerable In every lost soul, the [D] bones of the [Em] miracle For every dreamer, a [Bm] dream we're [C] unstoppable With something [D] to be-[Em] lieve in Chorus: [C] Monday left me [Em] broken Tuesday [C] I was through with [Em] hoping Wednesday my [C] empty [D] arms were [Em] open Thursday [C] waiting for [Em] love, waiting for [D] love [C] Thank the stars it's [Em] Friday I'm burning like a [C] fire gone wild on [Em] Saturday Guess I won't be [C] coming to [D] church on [Em] Sunday I'll be [C] waiting for [Em] love, waiting for [D] love To [G] come around Verse 3: We are [Em] one of a [Bm] kind [C] irreplaceable How did I get so [D] blind and so [Em] cynical If theres love in this [Bm] life we´re [C] unstoppable No we can´t [D] be de-[Em] feated

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