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We"ve only just begun

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[G] We"ve only just be- [Em] gun to [Bm] live
[Em] White lace and [Bm] promis- [Em] es
A [C] kiss for luck and we"re [Am7] on our [D7] way
We"ve only be- [G] gun

[G] Before the rising [Em] sun we [Bm] fly
[Em] So many [Bm] roads to [Em] choose
We [C] start out walking and [Am7] learn to [D7] run
And yes! We"ve just be- [G] gun

[E] Sharin" [A] horizons that are [E] new to us [A]
[E] Watchin" the [A] signs along the [E] way
[Ab] Talkin" it over just the two of us [C#]
[Ab] Workin" together [C#] day to [C] day, to- [D] gether, to- [D7] gether

[G] And when the evening [Em] comes we [Bm] smile
[Em] So much of [Bm] life a- [Em] head
We"ll [C] find a place where there"s [Am7] room to [D7] grow
And yes! We"ve just be- [G] gun

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