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What I"ve Done

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Intro: F#m A E Bm (4x) F#m In this [F#m]fa rewell There's no [A]b lood There's [E]n o [Bm]ali bi Cause I've [F#m]draw n regret From the [A]tr uth Of a [E]thou sand [Bm]li es [Pre-chorus] So let [D]mercy come And [Em]was h away What I’ve [F#m]done [Chorus] I'll [A]fac e [E]myse lf To cross out [Bm]what I’ve [F#m]be come [A]Er ase myself And let go [Bm]o f what I’ve [F#m]do ne Put to [A]re st What you [E]t hought [Bm]of me While I clean [F#m]t his slate With [A]the hands of [E]u [Bm]ncertain ty Back to: Pre-chorus I'll [A]f ace [E]mys elf To cross out [Bm]w hat I’ve [F#m]beco me [A]E rase [E]myse lf And let go [Bm]o [C#m]f [D]w hat [E]i’ve [F#m]don e Interlude: A E Bm F#m A E Bm C#m For [D]wh [E]at I’ve [F#m]don e I'll [A]st art [E]agai n And [Bm]whatev er pain [F#m]may come [A]To day this [E]e nds I’m [Bm]forgiving what I’ve [F#m]do ne [Chorus] W ha t [A]I’ [E]ve [F#m]don [Bm]e Forgiving what I’ve done [Coda; piano riff]A E F#m

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