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When A Man Loves A Women

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- The song starts in C# or Db, and then changes to D after the chorus, you can play it all in D if you want. VERSE: When a [C#]man loves a [G#]woman [A#m] [C]ant keep his [F#]mind on nothin else [C#] Hed trade the [G#]world For a good thing hes [C#][G#]found (same as before...) If she is bad, he cant see it She can do no wrong Turn his back on his best friend If he puts her down When a man loves a woman Spend his very last dime Trying to hold on to what he needs Hed give up all his comforts And sleep out in the rain If she said thats the way It ought to be CHORUS: [F#] When a man loves a [C#]woman [F#] I give you everything I [C#]got (yeah) F# Trying to hold on to [C#]your [G#]precious [A#m]love [F#]Baby, baby [D#]please don't treat me [G#]bad VERSE: (Here it goes up to D) When a [D]man loves a [A]woman [Bm] [D]eep down in his [G]soul [D] She can [A]bring him such [D][A]misery If she is playing him for a fool Hes the last one to know Loving eyes can never see LAST VERSE: Yes when a [D]man loves a [A]woman [Bm] I know exactly how he [G]feels cause [G]baby, [A]baby, baby [A]uuuuuuuh END: When a [D]man loves a [A]woman When a [Bm][D]man [G]loves a [A]woman [Bm][G]

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