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When You Look Me In The Eyes

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When You Look Me in the Eyes [G]If the heart is always [A]searching Can you ever find a [Bm]home? I've been [A]looking for that [G]someone I'll never make it [A]on my own [Bm]Dreams can't take the [A]place of loving you There's gotta [Bm]be a million [A]reasons why it's [G]true Chorus: When you look me [A]in the [D]eyes And tell me that you [A]love me Everything's [Bm]alright When you're right here [A]by my [G]side When you look me [A]in the [D]eyes I catch a glimpse of [A]heaven I [Bm]find my [A][G]paradise When you [A]look me in the [D]eyes Verse 2: [G]How long will I be [A]waiting To be with you [Bm]again? I'm gonna say [A]that I [G]love you In the best way [A]that I can [Bm]I can't take a [A]day without you here You're the [Bm]light that makes my [A]darkness [G]disappear Chorus Bridge: Bm Moving on I [A#m]start to realize I can [D]reach my tomorrow I can [Bm]hold my head up high And it's [G]all because you're by my [A]side First four lines of Chorus, then: When I [A]hold you in my [D]arms I know that it's [A]forever I just gotta let you [Bm]know I never want to [A]let you [G]go

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