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Where Do We Go

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[C]So keep in me up at [G] night It unfamiliar [Am]round Feels it's like where [F]for? It's like breaking[C] down We going through the [G]rush I'm scare you're gonna[Am] leave When I even [F]talking But right now I'm gonna[Am] speak No more [G]hiding, break the silents [Am]now [Am]Do [G]we quit or try to work [Am]things out [C]Where do we go? Where do we go from [G]here Are we ready to just give it [Am]up Should we turn our back on [F]love Or should we stand [C]withing I don't wanna let it [G] go but i can just speak and fight for [Am] it Let's see good chance for[F] love i can't go on like[C] this Where do we go? Where do [G]we Where do we go? Where do[Am] we Where do we go? tell[F] me Where do we go from[C] here. If [C]we begin on where we [G] are Try to mend the problems [Am]now We've been looking forward[F] instead of looking[C] back I don't wanna play it[G] safe 'cos i wanna cross the[Am] line Feel just like we're [F] standing, we're running out of[Am] time

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