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Wide Awake

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Capo 3 (giọng thấp bỏ ra cũng đc ) . I'm [Em]wide [G] [A] [D]awake I'm [Em]wide [G] [A] [D]awake I'm [Em]wide [G] [A] [D]awake [Em]Yeah, I was in [G]the dark I was [D]falling hard With [A]an open heart I'm [Em]wide awake [G]How did I read [D]the stars so [A]wrong I'm [Em]wide awake And [G]now it's clear to me That [D]everything you see [A]Ain't always what it seems [Em]I'm wide awake [G]Yeah, I was [D]dreaming for [A]so long (Pre[C]horus) I [Em]wish I knew then [G]What I know now [D]Wouldn't dive in [A]Wouldn't bow down [Em]Gravity hurts You made it [G]so sweet Till I woke [D]up on On the [A]concrete (Chorus) [Em]Falling from [G]cloud [D] [A]9 [Em]Crashing [G]from the [D] [A]high [Em]I'm letting [G]go [D] [A]tonight (Yeah [Em]I'm) Falling [G]from [D]cloud [A]9 [Em]I'm wide awake Not losing [G]any sleep I picked up [D]every piece And [A]landed on my feet I'm [Em]wide awake Need [G]nothing to [D]complete myself - [A]nooohooo I'm [Em]wide awake Yeah, I [G]am born again Outta [D]the lion's den I don't [A]have to pretend And [Em]it's too late The [G]story's [D]over now, the [A]end (Pre[C]horus) I wish [Em]I knew then What I [G]know now [D]Wouldn't dive in [A]Wouldn't bow down [Em]Gravity hurts You [G]made it so sweet Till I [D]woke up on On the [A]concrete (Chorus) [Em]Falling [G]from cloud [D] [A]9 [Em]Crashing [G]from the [D] [A]high I'm [Em]letting [G]go [D]tonight [A](yeah, I'm letting go) I'm [Em]Falling [G]from [D]cloud [A]9 [Em]Thunder [G]rumbling [D]Castles [A]crumbling I [Em]am [G]trying to [D]hold [A]on God [Em]knows [G]that I tried [D]Seeing the [A]bright side But [Em]I'm not [G]blind [D] [A]anymore... I'm [Em]wide [G] [D] [A]awake [Em]I'm [G]wide [D] [A]awake (Chorus) Yeah, [Em]I'm [G] [D]Falling from [A]cloud 9 [Em] [G]Crashing from [D]the [A]high [Em]You know [G]I'm [D]letting go [A]tonight [Em]I'm [G]Falling from [D]cloud [A]9 [Em]I'm wide [G] [D] [A]awake [Em]I'm wide [G] [D] [A]awake [Em]I'm wide [G] [D] [A]awake [Em]I'm wide [G] [D] [A]awake [Em]I'm wide [G] [D] [A]awake

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