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Within you"ll remain

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[Em] [G] [Bm] Facing the world with an empty heart [Em] [G] [Em] I could disap pear into the dark [G] But you were the one [Bm] [Em] Who could make my dreams come true [G] [Em] My dear it"s you [Am] [D] [Em] When you"re not around my heart stood still [Am] [D] Within you"ll remain [Em] And always will Illusions say there is another man Who would interfere into my plans [G] [Bm] Uour ai nee I love you [Em] [Bm] Oour ai nee I need you [C] [Am] More than I ever did anyone [D] [D7] I never felt like this before [G] [Bm] Uour ai nee I want you [Em] [Bm] Oour ai nee I need you [C] We could be two lovers from [D] [D7] And the future is our chance

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