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Yes It Is

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[C]I f you [F]wear red [G7]toni ght, [C]Re member [F]wha t I said [Bb]toni ght. [G7]F or red [C]is t he colour [Am]tha t my [F]baby w ore, [Bb]A nd what is [Am]mo re, it's [C]true, ... yes it is. [C]Sc arlet were the [F]cl othes she [G7]wor e, [C]E [F]verybod y knows [Bb]I' [G7]ve sur e. [C]I would remember all [Am]the things we [F]pl anned, [Bb]U nderstand, [Am]it 's true, [C]Y es it is, it's true...Yes it is. CHORUS: I [Gm]could be happy [C7]wit h you by [F]my si de, If I [Gm]could forget [C7]he r, but it's my [Am]prid e. Yes it is, yes it is. Oh, [D7]y es it is, [G7]yea h. [C]Pl ease don't [F]w ear red [G7]toni ght. [C]Th is is what [F]I said [Bb]toni ght. [G7]Fo r red is the [C]col our that [Am]will make [F]me blu e, In spite [Bb]o f you, [Am]it's true, Yes it is, it's [E]true...yes [F]it is, it's [C]t rue.

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