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You Make Me Feel

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[Am]Deep in the night, when I'm [C]alone. [G] [Am]My heart starts to burn, cause I [C]feel for [G]you. [Am]I've been away too [C]long from my [G]love. [Am]I leave it up to you to [C]under [G]stand. [Am]I've got that feeling, [C]deep in my [G]mind. [Am]Come back and love me, [C]just one more [G]time. [Am]On the ground of an ocean, [C]we buried our love far [G]away. [Am]My heart's still bleeding, [C]won't you come back and stay. [Dm]But I can't understand, why there's [Am]salt in my eyes. [Dm]And I can't understand, why your [Am]heart’s in disguise. [C]For I still [G]need you, and I [Am]want you to [C]come back [Am]again. [C]You make me [G]feel like never [Am]again. [Am]I can't find the answer [C]from a look in your [G]eyes. [Am]My heart's still crying. [C]Don't tell me your love’s [G]alive. [Am]You’re still the one to [C]take me in to stay in your [G]trace [Am]Why don't we give us a [C]second [G]chance. [Dm]But I can't understand, why you [Am]laugh, don’t you cry. [Dm]And I can't undersand, why I [Am]don't say goodbye. [C]For I still [G]need you, and I [Am]want you to [C]come back [Am]again. [C]You make me [G]feel never [Am]again.

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