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You never give me your money - The Beatles

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intro:[Am7] [Dm] [G] [C] [Fmaj7] [Dm6] [E7] Am [Am7] [Dm] Y ou never give me your mo ney [G] [C] Y ou only give me your f unny paper [Fmaj7] [Dm6] [E7] and in the middle of n e - go - ti - a - tions [Am] you break down [Am7] [Dm] I ne ver give you my num ber [G] I only give you my situation [Fmaj7] [Dm6] [E7] and i n the mid dle of in - vest - ig - a -tion [Am] [C] [G7] [C] I break dow n--- --- --- [C] [E7] O ut of college, mo ney spent [Am] [C7] S ee no future, pay no rent [F] [G] [C] Al l the money"s gone , nowhere to go [C] [E7] An y jobber got the s ack [Am] [C7] Mo nday morning, turnin g back [F] [G] [C] Yel low lorry slow, nowhere to go [Bb] [F] [C] But oh, that magic fe eling, nowhere to go [Bb] [F] Oh, that magic fe eling [C] Nowhere to g o [A7] Nowhere to g o [B7] One sweet dr eam [C] [E7] [A7] Pic k up the bags and get in the lim ousine [D7] [G7] Soon we"ll be away from here [D7] [G7] [A] Step on the gas and wip e that tear awa y [B7] [Cmaj7] [G] [A] One swe et dre am came tr ue... toda y [G] [A] Came tr ue... tod ay [G] [A] Came tru e... today...ye s it did [C] On e two three four five six seven, [A] Al l good children go to Heaven.

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