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VERSE [D]It's a little bit [G]funny, this[A] feeling in[F#m]side [Bm]I'm not one of [Bm/A]those who can [Bm/Ab]easily hi[G]de [D]I don't have much [A]money, but, [F#]boy if I [Bm]did [D]I'd buy a big [Em7]house where [G]we both could [A]live [D]If I was a [G]sculptor, but[A] then ag[F#m]ain no [Bm]Or A man who [Bm/A]makes potions in A [Bm/Ab]travelling [G]show [D]I know it's not [A]much but it's the [F#]best I can [Bm]do [D]My gift is my [Em7]song, and [G]this one's for [D]you --------------------------------------------------------------------- Chorus [A]And you can tell [Bm]everybody [Em7]this is your [G]song [A]It may be [Bm]quite simple [Em]but now that it's [G]done I [Bm]hope you don't mind, I [Bm/A]hope you don't mind [Bm/Ab]That I put down in [G]words, How [D]wonderful [Em]life is while [G]you're in the [A]world

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