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You"re Going To Lose That Girl

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#1. I [D]f you don't take her out [F#m]to night, she's gonna c [Em]hange her [A]mi nd. An [D]d I will take her [F#m]ou t tonight, And I will tr [Em]eat her [A]ki nd. You're g [D]onna lose that [Bm]g irl. You're gonna lo [Em]-o-ose that [Am]g irl... #2. I [D]f you don't treat her right, [F#m]my friend, you're go [Em]nna find her [A]g one. A [D]nd I will treat her [F#m]right , and then, you'll be the l [Em]onely [A]on e. You're gon [D]na lose [Bm]tha t girl. You're gonna lo [Em]-o-ose that [A]gi rl. Yo [A]u're [Em]gon na [C]lo-o- o-se.. CHORUS: I' [F]ll make a point of takin' [Bb]he r away from [F]y ou. Yeah. T [F]he way you treat [Bb]he r, what else can [E]I do? You're gonna [D]lose that g [Bm]irl. You're gon [Em]na lo-o-ose that [A]g irl. Y [A]ou're [Em]gon na [C]lo-o- o-se... CHORUS: I' [F]ll make a point of takin' [Bb]h er away from [F]y ou. Yeah. [F]The way you [Bb]treat h er, what [Eb]else can I do? #3. If you don't take her out tonight, she's gonna change her mind. And I will take her out tonight, And I will treat her kind. You're gonna lose that girl. You're gonna lo-o-ose that girl. You're gonna lo-o-o-se that girl

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