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You're my woman

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Intro: [Am][Dm][Am][Dm] 1. To-[Am] night, there'll be no darkness tonight [Em] Hold [Am] tight, let your [G] love light shine [Am] bright [Em] [F] Listen to my heart and lay your [C] body next to mine [F] Let me fill your [Dm] soul with all my [E7] dreams. Chorus: You're a [Am] woman i'm a [Dm] man This is [G] more than just a [C] game I can [Am] make you feel so [Dm] right Be my [E7] lady of the [Am] night [C] You're a [Am] woman i'm a [Dm] man You're my [G] fortune i'm your [C] fame These are [Am] things we can't [Dm] disguise Be my [E7] lady of the [Am] night 2. Lay [Am] back, back in my tenderness [Em] And [Am] take, take all [G] of my sweet car-[Am] ress [Em] [F] You've got all of me, It can't go [C] wrong if you agree [F] Soon two hearts [Dm] will beat in ecsta-[E7] sy

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